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The Tidy Up Tula Book KIT

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Hello friends! 

Join Tula as she learns about the importance of being respectful, responsible, and tidy!



Mrs. Rossberg's Kindergarten Class, Picture Book Experts

“Double thumbs up! This book is awesome. Thanks for letting me share it with the students.  We're excited to incorporate Tula into our routine."

Lareesa Thoas,


"Tidy Up Tula is a delightful story encouraging children to take responsibility for themselves by being neat, organized, and tidy.
The story follows a young fairy named Tula who learns this lesson through various untidy
mishaps. I  truly enjoyed reviewing this delightful story. The author’s light tone and humorous style work well for this story. "

Kelsey Floyd,


"My kids love Tula! This fun book was so entertaining.  My kids are excited to tidy up and be responsible.  I didn't need to remind them to do their chores. 
The kit is so easy to use and has everything ready for me to start.  The fairy door is fantastic, and leaving pink hearts was easy, and my kids were so excited!"

Ms. Smith,

2nd Grade Teacher

“One of the best purchases for my classroom in a long time.  My students loved the story and were motivated to earn perfectly pink hearts.  I love how effective and easy the kit is to use.  It's a must-have for anyone working with children.”
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